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GrayMeta™ Iris QC Pro

GrayMeta Iris

The go-to studio grade media player and quality control solution

Iris enables media professionals to quickly and accurately collaborate and deliver ALL forms of professional file content through the production lifecycle from asset acquisition, post-production on through to approval and distribution.


Play and ensure quality of any media file format and frame sequences including IMF Packages, DPX, TIF, EXR, Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) and Encrypted DCP with the most accurate player on the market.


Easily build asset metadata templates and ensure instantaneous comparison of incoming file metadata to a predefined “golden” template. Plus all the tools you need ensure quality for audio and video including audio level meters, captions and subtitle viewer(s) and frame based text or drawing annotations.


Iris lets you work the way you want. Dock the features you use most to work more efficiently and collaborate across projects with multiple internal and external stakeholders with frame level annotations.
Player Tools
Playlist & Status Panel
Time Code Display & HDMI Out
Metadata Display
Metadata Template Matching
Import Error Report File
Project Tools
Annotations and Message Board
Video Tools
Video Scaling
Built-in Test Patterns
Frame Sequences
Video Waveform Monitor
Advanced Test Patterns
Audio Tools
Audio Router & Meter
Play Related Audio Files
Loudness Monitor (CALM Act)
Audio Phase Meter
Audio Waveform Display
Caption Viewer
Live Embedded Captions/Sub-Titles
Pre-Processed Captions/Sidecar Files
View Multiple Captions Simultaneously
Hardware Support
Sony 9-pin RS422 Remote Control Support